Emulwitor 375, 50ml

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INCI: Glyceryl Citrate, Lactate, Linoleate, Oleate

Emulwitor 375 is a natural-based anionic emulsifier for O/W emulsions offering feather-light sensory for a variety of textures and applications.


  • amount 50ml

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INCI: Glyceryl Citrate, Lactate, Linoleate, Oleate

It is a O/W emulsifier for cold-use or it can be used in hot fat phase with a hot part of (hot) water phase. After both are emulsifying then add the cold water phase.
Emulwitor 375 is made of European sunflower oil, and of lactic and citric acid of vegetable origin of Germany. It reacts best in the pH area of 4,5-10. Emulwitor 375 is only partially anionic and therefore suitable as co-emulsifier for cationic emulsifiers. 

You can find a very detailed description under olionatura / Heike Käser   https://olionatura.de/kosmetikrohstoffe/emulgatoren/imwitor-375/

Category: Emulsifiers
SKU: 0209050
Appearance‍: yellow-orangeviscousliquid
Important criteria‍: veganapproved for COSMOS certified cosmeticspalm oil-free
Induction‍: Lipid phaseWater phaseCold processing
Skin type/ condition‍: every skin type
Product type/ product type‍: O/W-EmulsifieranionicCo-Emulsifier
Comment‍: Hair careFacial tonerBaby productsDeodorantBody care
Effect‍: refatting
Application concentration‍: 1-3%
CAS Nummer‍: 91744-23-9
pH-value‍: 4,5-10
Original material‍: Sunflower
HLB-value‍: 10-12
Lipid phase level‍: 5-35%
Incorporation‍: Water- oder Lipid phase 65-80°C
ISO 16128‍: Natural Index 0 / Natural Origin Index 1
Storage‍: Store in a cool and dry place.