Alexmo Face Primer

So that your make-up lasts all day long, we have developed this recipe for you. Silk-Gel forms a protective, breathing barrier, oligogeline with its smoothing texture creates a pleasant skin feeling and sodium sulphite prevents the pigments from darkening. The make-up does not appear blotchy and lasts the whole day....... and if necessary, the whole night.
Alexmo Face Primer


A) 40,50 g Water
0,05 g (0465) Sodium Sulfite
2,50 g (0477) Silk-Gel, vegan
2,00 g (0209) Emulwitor 375

B) 1,25 g (0734) Natura Plantsil

C) 0,15 g (0518) Xanthan Gum, transparent
0,50 g (0466) Glycerin 98-100% palmoil free, organic

C) 0,60 g (0621) Oligogeline™PF
1,00 g (0404) D-Panthenol 75%
1,50 g (0448) Leucidal® SF MAX
0,00 g (0417) Milchsäure (-), 80%ig

The next larger pack size will be added to the shopping basket, please dose according to the recipe when using.


Step 1: 
Get all mixing utensils and equipment ready. 
Disinfect them and your work surface. Please also sanitise the jar or lotion bottle into which you wish to fill the finished product. 

Wear disposable gloves. 

Step 2:
Boil the water. Please also boil purchased distilled water. (It is only salt-free, not necessarily germ-free)

Step 3: 
Now weigh all the raw materials of the individual phases and categorise them according to phase affiliation. 


Step 1: 
Mix phase A and heat to 70°C.

Step 2: 
Add the Natura Plantsil KALT to phase A. Now homogenise at high speed to a milky fluid.

Step 3: 
Stir phase C and add to A and B. Stir again at high speed.

Step 4: 
Cool down to 40°C and only then add the active ingredients from phase D and, if necessary, regulate the pH value with lactic acid to 4.8 (mature skin) to 5.5.

The Balance Colour can also be incorporated wonderfully into this face primer. Simply add the desired concentration to the 40°C warm emulsion.