Our contribution to less plastic

Dear customers,

we have been thinking about innovative, sustainable packaging for a long time.

We see organic packaging as an alternative to conventional plastic packaging such as plastic cups and plastic bags. One of the forms of biodegradability is compostability.

Our new bio bags are made of biodegradable material and decompose completely in industrial environments or house yard composting.  (Including pressure closure)

They are completely degraded by the action of microorganisms in the soil, without any negative impact on the environment.
Laboratory tests (carried out in accordance with PN-EN 14806: 2010 standard) confirm 100% degradation of bio-packaging under composting conditions within 66 days.

If you wish to store the products for a longer period, we recommend decanting into storage jars. You can of course purchase these in our shop.
Furthermore we will, as far as possible with the articles and in the dispatch, change with the liquid materials on glass bottles and/or screw glasses. (up to 250ml)

Some time ago, we changed our outer packaging for shipping from packing chips to recycled paper for padding; and from transparent plastic adhesive tape to wet adhesive tape made of paper.

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