Lysolecithin E NGM

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INCI: Lysolecithin

Lysolecithin E NGM improves the formation of moisture. Which makes the skin appear silkier and softer.


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INCI: Lysolecithin

Lysolecithin E NGM is comprised of hydrolyzed lecithin and soybean oil with the naturally occurring ratio of the different phospholipids and glycosides typically found in soy. Lysolecithin is a special derivative of lecithin with one fatty acid replaced by OH group.
This exchange results in increased emulsifying and dispersion properties and better water biding capacity leading to improved skin feel. Lysolecithin E NGM also builds up micelles and make a suitable co-emulsifier for o/w formulations with high water content. It is a natural, co-emulsifier with skin and hair conditioning properties.

It is particularly suitable for the cold production of bath oils. It can also be stirred into finished creams and lotions to stabilise the emulsion.

Category: Emulsifiers
SKU: 0213
Appearance‍: brownviscousliquidamber-coloured
Important criteria‍: veganapproved for Ecocert certified cosmeticsanimal non testingNon GMO
Induction‍: Lipid phaseCold processing
Product type/ product type‍: O/W-EmulsifierCo-EmulsifierCold emulsifier
Comment‍: Shower gelHair careBath additiveShampooBody careFace care
Solubility‍: at oildispersible in water
Scent/Smell‍: characteristic
Application concentration‍: 0.5 % as co-emulsifier, 4 % as single emulsifier
Country of origin‍: Germany
CAS Nummer‍: 85711-58-6
Note/additional information‍: E 322
Incorporation‍: In the fat phase at temperatures between 60° and 80°C.
ISO 16128‍: NI:0 / NOI: 1
Storage‍: Protect from direct sunlight, moisture and heat. Shake well before use.