Wool wax alcohol (Wollwachsalkohol, Cosmetic Grade)

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INCI: Lanolin Alcohol DAG

Lanolin Alcohol D-AG is a pale yellow, hard, waxy solid with a practically odourless appearance and one of the strongest known emulsifiers without emulsifier


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INCI: Lanolin Alcohol D-AG

Wool wax alcohol, Cosmetic Grade, is a very complex mixture of alcohols with an average molecular weight of about 370, consisting of cholesterol, lanosterol, agnosterol and their dihydro derivatives, as well as straight and branched chain aliphatic alcohols.
Wool wax alcohol cannot be used for soap production.
It can be used as a base or co-emulsifier. Adding cetyl alcohol or beeswax increases its emulsifying capacity. Melt in the fat phase at 55-65°C. (Wool wax alcohol still thickens slightly within 24 hours) The water phase should have the same temperature as the fat phase. It is advisable to slowly add the water and fat phases together. Long and gentle stirring until it cools down gives a better result. This W/O emulsifier is well suited for dry and sensitive skin.


Category: Emulsifiers
SKU: 0226
Appearance‍: yellowChunks
Important criteria‍: approved for COSMOS certified cosmeticsanimal non testingNon GMO
Induction‍: Lipid phase
Skin type/ condition‍: dry skinmature skinsensitive/irritated skin
Product type/ product type‍: W/O-EmulsifierCo-Emulsifier
Comment‍: Hair careBaby productsBody careFace care
Application concentration‍: 0,5-5,0%
CAS Nummer‍: 8027-33-6
pH-value‍: tolerant
Note/additional information‍: Cosmetic Grade
Incorporation‍: Lipid phase 55-65°C
ISO 16128‍: Natural Index 0 / Natural Origin Index 1