Happy Barrier Cream

A healthy skin barrier has a special structure that protects the body from uncontrolled water loss on the one hand and from harmful environmental influences on the other.
A sufficient moisture content is essential for the functionality of the skin barrier and therefore for healthy, well-groomed skin.
Happy Barrier Cream


A) 53,70 g Wasser
0,60 g (0513) Xanthan (Cosphaderm® X 34)

B) 20,00 g (0065) Cosphaderm® Absolute

C) 1,00 g (0219) Phospholipon® 80 H

D) 2,00 g (0224) Emulgator GSC palm oil free
2,00 g (0526) Cetearyl Alkohol MB
2,50 g (0241) Behenyl Alkohol
5,00 g (0505) Sheabutter, raff. kbA
0,30 g (0467) Glyceryl Caprylate
3,50 g (0704) Jojobaöl, kaltgepresst 1. Pressung, kbA
5,00 g (0717) Neutralöl, palmölfrei, kbA
4,00 g (0716) Squalan pflanzlich
0,20 g (0318) Vitamin E pflanzlich

E) 0,20 g (1429) Magnolia Bark Extract (98%)

Es wird die nächst größere Packungsgröße in den Warenkorb gelegt, bitte bei der Verwendung entsprechend der Rezeptur dosieren.


Step 1:
Prepare all mixing utensils and equipment.

Disinfect them and your work surface. Please also sanitise the jar or lotion bottle into which you wish to fill the finished product.

Wear disposable gloves.

Step 2:
Boil the water. Please also boil purchased distilled water. (It is only salt-free, not necessarily germ-free)

Step 3:
Now weigh out all the raw materials of the individual phases and categorise them according to phase affiliation.



Step 1:
Pour phase A into a beaker and stir once at high speed until a gel is formed.

Step 2:
Add phase B and mix with a glass stirring rod.

Step 3:
Add phase C, mix and heat to 70-75°C.

Step 4:
Add all ingredients of phase D to a beaker and heat to 75°C.

Step 5:
Remove the beaker with the fat phase from the heat and add phase E.

Step 6:
Now the fat phase (D+E) can be added to the water phase while stirring at high speed.

Continue stirring at high speed during the cooling phase up to 40°C. Adjust the pH value to 5.5 +/- with lactic acid.

* Source: Example formulation modified by the company Cosphatec.