PolyCare A200

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INCI: Galactoarabinan

PolyCare A200 Biopolymer is a naturally occurring Galactoarabinan for moisture retention and SPF boosting.


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INCI : Galactoarabinan

PolyCare A200 is a Naturally Occurring Galactoarabinan for Moisture Retention and SPF Boosting. Extracted from the larch tree harvested in North America, PolyCare A200 is a highly functional polysaccharide. This natural polysaccharide, galactoarabinan (GA), is a natural polymer linked with sugar units consisting of galactose and arabinose in the ratio of 6:1, respectively. It provides many unique properties and benefits in personal care applications. PolyCare A200 is a natural, mild, non-irritating and water-dispersible polymer which could improve the appearance of skin superficial fine lines, reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and provides SPF enhancement. 
PolyCare A200 has the clear advantage of being able to distribute pigments very finely and evenly in an emulsion. This is particularly evident in sunscreen formulations with UV pigments. Comparative studies, in which the SPF value of a formulation was increased by 40% by adding 5% PolyCare A200, show how a finer distribution of the pigments can increase their efficiency.
PolyCare A200 works to enhance the skin’s barrier properties.
PolyCare A200 has fantastic film-forming properties and is substantive to the hair strand. It creates a barrier to help protect the hair from external aggressors such as heat while keeping hair soft and flexible.
PolyCare A200 is 100% vegetable and biodegradable.

Category: Stabilizers, Waxes
SKU: 0531
Appearance‍: Powderbeige
Important criteria‍: approved for COSMOS certified cosmeticsvegananimal non testingNon GMOpalm oil-free
Induction‍: Water phase
Skin type/ condition‍: every skin type
Product type/ product type‍: Film former
Comment‍: Hair careDecorative cosmeticsBody careFace care
Application concentration‍: 1-5%
Country of origin‍: USA
CAS Nummer‍: 9036-66-2, 7732-18-5
pH-value‍: 4,5-9,2
Original material‍: naturally occurring polysaccharide from the larch tree
Note/additional information‍: contains approx. 5% water
ISO 16128‍: Natural Index 1 / Natural Content 100 / Natural Origin Index 1 / Natural Origin Content 100