This nourishing oil is suitable for both mothers and babies skin. Thanks to the Hyaluronic acid contained in Hyacolor®, the skin is optimally supplied with moisture. Coconut Extract seals the moisture and provides important macronutrients. All in all, the barrier function is strengthened and transepidermal water loss is reduced. The intensive moisturizing properties give the skin a soft, silky, moisturized surface.


Phase A) 73,50 g (0717) Neutralöl, palm oil free, organic
5,00 g (0734) Natura Plantsil
5,00 g (0735) Abyssinian (Krambe) Öl, raff.
3,00 g (0819) Kameliensamenöl oleifera CP, organic
4,00 g (0707) Mandelöl, süß, raff.
4,00 g (0709) Macadamianussöl, kaltgepresst
2,00 g (0480) Hyacolor (Sodium Hyaluronat)
2,00 g (0491) Coconut Extract
1,00 g (0471) Phytosteryl Macadamiate

Phase B) 0,50 g (0307) Vitamin-E-Acetat

The next larger pack size will be added to the shopping basket, please dose according to the recipe when using.

Step 1: 

Phase A) in a beaker until Hyacolor®, Phytosteryl Macadamiate and Coconut Extract have dissolved. 

Step 2: 

Now just stir in vitamin E acetates and you have a wonderful skin care oil.