Coco Glucosid

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INCI: Coco Glucoside

It is a very mild, good foaming non-ionic surfactant. You can use it as a base as well as a co-surfactant in shampoo, shower gel, bath additives and cleansing lotions


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INCI: Coco Glucoside

An all-round surfactant with proven mildness. Coco Glucoside is a non-ionic surfactant made from 100% renewable, plant-based raw materials and is RSPO-MB certified. It has a premium environmental and skin compatibility profile and creates a perfect synergy of mildness, foaming performance and effective cleansing. Coco Glucoside is very gentle on skin and mucous membranes, hair and scalp. It improves the skin compatibility of conventional surfactant systems and convinces with excellent foaming behaviour, also in combination with other surfactants. Skin and hair are gently cleansed. It is particularly suitable for sensitive skin, as well as for baby care and also for mild mouth cleansing.



H315 : Causes skin irritation

H318 : Causes serious eye damage

Category: Surfactants
SKU: 1008
Appearance‍: light yellowliquid
Important criteria‍: RSPO Mass Balanceveganapproved for COSMOS certified cosmeticsanimal non testingNon GMOsulfate free
Induction‍: Water phase
Skin type/ condition‍: every skin type
Product type/ product type‍: non-ionic
Comment‍: Shower gelBath additiveRinse-off productsShampoo
Scent/Smell‍: light odour
Application concentration‍: 2-50%
CAS Nummer‍: 141464-42-8, 68515-73-1, 110615-47-9
pH-value‍: 11,5-12,5
Original material‍: coconut/palm kernel oil, glucose
Note/additional information‍: unpreserved
WAS//washing active substance‍: 50-53%
ISO 16128‍: Natural Origin 100%