Vitamin C (Ascorbinsäure)

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INCI: Ascorbid acid
Dosage: 1 - 2%, for pure antioxidative effect also less
Antioxidatively, improvement of the collagen synthesis, reduction of UV-conditioned skin damages, against age spots
For the ripe skin the vitamin is a C an active substance which is used for the prevention against skin ageing as well as to the regeneration. The positive effect of the vitamin on the skin was academically proved in several placebo-controlled studies. With it belong the vitamin C and his derivatives to the bestbelegten Anti Aging active substances which are available to the cosmetics manufacturers.

Recipe suggestion

Vitamin C Serum (20ml)

a) 0.04 g ferulic acid in
    3,00 g spirit of wine dissolve

b) 1.80g vitamin C in
    6,40g water solution

Combining phases a + b
    7,00g Hyaluron gel
    2,00g Hydrolate
    0.052g Sodium lactate added

Set the pH-value to 3 - 3.5, fill into a dark bottle and consume promptly.
As soon as the serum discolours, vitamin C is oxidised. Then please dispose of the rest.

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