Silkgel, vegan

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Silkgel, vegan
INCI: Aqua, sr-Spider Polypeptide-1
pH-value: 6,5-8
colorless gel
Dosage: 1 -30%

Silkgel is a hydrogel containing functional, non-hydrolyzed silk polypeptides and water. It is miscible with water as well as oil based formulations and spreads easily. Due to its shear-thinning properties, even Silkgel with high viscosity/consistency is sprayable and dispensable. When applied on skin, Silkgel generates a thin and transparent film. The silk proteins form a network of stable, three dimensional structures with small pores for air and water vapor exchange. Although in principle any kind of surface can be coated with Silkgel, it is especially suited for human skin. Silkgel forms the protective and breathable film on the skin without the use of conventional chemicals or glues such as acrylates. The exclusively physical barrier becomes immediately functional after application. It supports the skin in its regeneration process. The silk film is long lasting, robust, not sticky and smooth to the touch. An enforced and even stronger barrier function is conceivable when using barrier supporting products containing parts of hydrolipidic layer accompanied with Silkgel.
AMSilk GmbH, the world's first industrial supplier of synthetic silk biopolymers, has successfully registered its two cosmetic ingredients, Silkbeads (microparticles) and Silkgel (hydrogel), with the internationally recognized Vegan Society.


Alexmo Face Primer

Damit Ihr Make-up den ganzen Tag über hält, haben wir diese Rezeptur für Sie erarbeitet. Die Pflanzenextrakte wirken beruhigend und helfen gestresster Haut. Silkgel bildet eine schützende, atmende Barriere, Oligogeline erzeugt mit seiner glättenden Textur ein angenehmes Hautgefühl und Sodium Sulfite verhindert ein Nachdunkeln der Pigmente. Das Make-up wirkt nicht fleckig und hält den ganzen Tag??. und wenn es sein muss, auch die ganze Nacht.

a) 82,60%    Wasser
      1,00%    Glycerin 99,5 BIO
      0,10%    Sodium Sulfite
      5,00%    Silkgel
      3,00%    Imwitor 375

b)   1,25%    Oligogeline PF
      0,25%    Xanthan transparent
      2,50%    Esteröl

c)    1,00%    Commiphora Mukul CO2-Extrakt
       1,00%    Defensil

       2,00%    Leucidal Liquid SF
       0,30%    Amaze


So wird´s gemacht:

Phase a) verrühren und auf 70°C erhitzen.

Phase b) ebenfalls verrühren und KALT zu Phase a) geben und nun hochtourig zu einem milchigen Fluid homogenisieren.
Runterkühlen auf 40°C und erst dann den  Konservierer und die Pflanzenextrakte dazugeben. Mit Amaze die Konsistenz einstellen und eventuell den pH-Wert mit Milchsäure auf 4,8 (reife Haut) bis 5,5 einstellen.

Recipe Suggestion 2


This ultra-light fluid supplies the skin not only with valuable oils but also with algae extract Oligogeline® and the wonderful vegan silk gel, which protects the skin against dehydration and provides it with a breathable protective film. It is immediately absorbed into the skin and leaves a silky, well-groomed feeling.

7.5% Argan oil
4.0% Jojoba oil
1.5% Shea butter
1.5% oatseed oil
0.5% Phytosterol Macadamiate/Phytosterols
2.0% Imwitor® 375
1.0% Phospholipon® 80H

69.5% Water/hydrolate
2.0% Glycerine
1.5% Sodium PCA
3.0% Silkgel vegan
2.0% Oligogeline® PF
1.5% sodium lactate
1.0% Vitamin E acetates
0.2% Hyaluronic acid

0.3% Xanthan transparent xanthane/Cosphaderm® X34
1.0% Preservers such as Rokonsal, Blend TBG

Here's how it's done:

Heat argan, jojoba oil and Phospholipon® 80H to 80°C until everything has dissolved, then reduce the heat and at 60°C add the remaining ingredients from phase A). Simultaneously heat phase B) to 60°C and then join the two phases and homogenize at high speed (blendia). For hand-warming with xanthan gum, adjust the consistency and add the preserver. If the skin is prone to tension, adjust the pH-value with 1-2 drops of lactic acid to below 5.

This is just a recipe proposal. With the exchange of oils and active ingredients you create your own fluid.

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