Jasmin Wax

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INCI: Jasminum Grandiflorum Flower Cera

In addition to the caring properties, it is above all the fragrance that inspires and is a treat for all the senses.


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INCI: Jasminum Grandiflorum Flower Cera

Jasmin wax is a soft, amber-coloured wax with the phenomenal scent of jasmine flowers. This gives each product an exclusive and unique nuance.

Jasmin wax is ideal for skincare formulations as it forms very creamy and rich emulsions that are similar to an emollient in their effect. It forms a protective film on the skin and supports the action of moisturisers and emollients. Jasmine wax has similar properties to beeswax, but without a dull or sticky skin feel.

It is recommended for colour cosmetics where it provides excellent coverage.
In shampoos and hair care products, it performs yet another function by gently coating the hair with protection and a shimmering sheen.

When jasmin wax is processed with beeswax and jojoba oil, for example, it forms a luxurious base for fantastically beautiful scented ointments.

Category: Stabilizers, Waxes
SKU: 0546
Appearance‍: yellowsolidamber-coloured
Important criteria‍: approved for COSMOS certified cosmetics100% naturalvegananimal non testingNon GMOpalm oil-freeNon Nano
Comment‍: SoapSkin careLip care
Solubility‍: insoluble in water
Plant part‍: Bloom
Scent/Smell‍: characteristicfaint
Upcycled raw material‍: from the perfume industry
Application concentration‍: 1,0-2,0%
Country of origin‍: Raw Jasmine wax from India, Egypt, Morocco Production site: Germany
CAS Nummer‍: 84776-64-7
Original material‍: Blossom (Jasminum Grandiflorum)
Melting point‍: Approximately 60 °C
Saponification value mg KOH/g‍: 40 - 70
ISO 16128‍: NI 1 / NOI 1 / OI 0 / OOI 0
Storage‍: Store in a dry place, protect from sunlight.