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Zinc PCA is the zinc salt of L-Pyrrolidone Carboxylic acid or L-PCA. L-PCA is obtained by the cyclization of L-glutamic acid, amino-acid from vegetal origin. It is a physio-seboregulator and is composed of Zinc PCA. This product uses the association of Zinc and L-PCA benefits that are ideal for oily skins. It uses Zinc as an universal and oligo-essential anti-seborrheic agent with antiseptic activity which limits bacterial proliferation. It uses L-PCA as a physiological vector optimizing zinc bioavailability and as a signal molecule to stimulate epidermal differentiation and reinforcing skin barrier function.
In Emulsionen bis 0,3 %
in shampoos und cleansing-gel 0,2-0,5 %
in face-tonic, hair-tonic and antitranspirant 0,5-1,0 %

Zink-PCA is sensitive compared withalkaline components. As soon as analkaline component, how NaOH aZinkPCA becomes a solutionhinzugegben, a visible Ausflockungappears. Check, therefore, whether thepH factor lies under 7, before you addZink-PCA as a pure powder or as awatery solution to the product.

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