Beard balm

This is how "man" starts the day with an excellently groomed beard hairstyle.

With its all-natural ingredients, this beard balm brings care and styling to the daily beard care routine.

The beeswax and berry wax shape the beard and give it a natural hold without weighing it down.

Beard balm


Phase A) 69,80 g (0710) Rizinusoil, cp, organic
15,00 g (0733) Almond Oil cold press, organic (Mandelöl, kaltgepresst, kbA)
8,00 g (0501) Bienenwachs, hell, Ph.EUR
3,00 g (0709) Macadamianussöl, kaltgepresst
3,00 g (0523) Beerenwachs

Phase B) 0,50 g (0646) Rosemary antioxidant, low odour (organic) (Rosmarin Antioxidans, geruchsarm (ökol))
0,20 g (0306) Vitamin E synthetic

The next larger pack size will be added to the shopping basket, please dose according to the recipe when using.

Step 1:
Pour phase A into a beaker and heat to 70°C.

Step 2:
Add phase B to phase A and mix well.

Step 3:
Now just pour into the aluminium cans.