Teebaum Hydrolat organic

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INCI: Melaleuca alternifolia leaf water

Tea tree hydrolate, organic is a highly effective care enhancer for young skin. The tangy-scented tea tree water is ideal for cleansing and clarifying blemished skin.


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INCI: Melaleuca alternifolia leaf water

Tea tree oil has been used medicinally for centuries due to its considerable antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Even though the Organic Tea tree hydrolate is much milder than the essential oil, it is still often mixed/diluted with other fragrant plant waters because of its intense smell. The somewhat strong smell or taste takes some getting used to, but the great effect definitely makes up for it.
This hydrolat is ideal for the care of impure, youthful skin: Simply pour some of the hydrosol onto a cotton pad and massage it gently into the face. This hydrolate is also suitable for incorporation into cosmetic products such as emulsions, hair lotions, shampoos and shower gels. Likewise, this hydrolate can be used as a foot spray, which is especially recommended in public baths, saunas or gyms.

This hydrolate is sensitive to germination. As it is a fresh and pure product without preservatives, we strongly advise you to store it in the refrigerator and use it within 6 months of opening. Make sure your hands are clean when using it and disinfect all utensils and bottles when preparing your home cosmetics. If you notice a change in appearance or smell, stop using it.


H315 : Causes skin irritation

H317 : May cause an allergic skin reaction

H302 : Harmful if swallowed

H304 : May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways

H411 : Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects

Category: Alcohol and Blossom water
SKU: 0119
Important criteria‍: organic100% naturalveganapproved for Ecocert certified cosmeticsanimal non testing
Skin type/ condition‍: Acne skinimpure/oily skin
Comment‍: Facial tonerPart of water phase
Purity/ Recovery‍: Steam distillation
Application concentration‍: up to 100%
Country of origin‍: Australia
CAS Nummer‍: 85085-48-9
pH-value‍: 4,5-7,5
Note/additional information‍: unpreserved
ISO 16128‍: Organic Index 100% / Organic Origin Index 100%