Perfume set for him (Parfümset für IHN)

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This set contains a selection of our most beautiful men's fragrances for perfume making.


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With this set you can make three different fragrances yourself with a 10% oil Content.

5ml Men Sport oil
5ml Jack Oil
5ml Hombre Ricco oil
3 perfume diffusers Bamboo, 30ml
100ml spirit of wine
3 funnels

Here is a basic recipe:

Perfume with an oil content of 10%:
80% spirit of wine
10% water
10% perfume oil

Mix everything together and put it in the fridge for at least 2 weeks, but better 6 weeks. This is the only way for the perfume oil to combine with the alcohol.

Depending on the amount of perfume you get:
Eau de Parfum 5-15% in 90% alcohol
Eau de Toilette 8-12% in 85-90% alcohol.

Due to the water content, perfumes evaporate more slowly.
However, the water content must not be too high, otherwise the perfume becomes cloudy.

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