Our shipping costs

We are often asked why our shipping costs are so high, or why these costs are not completely eliminated after a certain order amount. 
Shipping costs are what the word says: costs.  
Our packages within Germany always cost 5,00€. All the same whether now 50g or 31kg kilo heavy. These costs are calculated from the stable cardboard and the filling material, so that the commodity arrives also undamaged with you. Then we want to pay our employees, who pack the goods so lovingly for you, fairly and also the driver and deliverer of DHL is entitled to his wage at the end of the month.

Free shipping from a certain order amount? Then we would have to increase the prices, because a free of charge does not exist with costs. This would mean that our customers who order less would be disadvantaged here. And we don't want that. Our aim is to offer all customers the same service and to treat everyone equally. Therefore, we ask for your understanding that shipping costs will continue to be calculated separately, completely transparently.

And at the latest when you bring a parcel to the post office for your loved ones, you will be amazed how high the actual charges for a parcel are....without cardboard and packaging material. ☺