Airless Dispenser, 15ml clear (Airless-Spender, 15ml, klar)

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Airless dispenser, the modern, high-quality packaging for your cream or Lotion.


  • amount 15 ml

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These dispensers are the most hygienic packaging for your homemade creams and fluids.
The name "Airless" means "airtight" and describes how the dispenser works. By pressing down the pump, a fine-dosed amount of cream is delivered to the outside without air getting into the dispenser system. This creates a vacuum in the dispenser, which pulls the plunger up underneath the cream. Another additional benefit: this achieves almost complete residual emptying.

15ml airless dispenser clear, pump white, cap clear
Total height: 130mm
Ø outside: 19mm
Capacity 15ml

Category: Plastics
SKU: 1219015
Filling quantity‍: 15ml