Airless Dispenser, 100ml (Airless-Spender , 100ml)

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Airless dispenser, the modern, high-quality packaging for your cream or Lotion.


  • amount 100 ml

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These dispensers are the most hygienic packaging for your homemade creams and fluids.
  15ml airless dispenser clear, pump white, cap clear
  30ml airless dispenser clear, pump transparent, cap transparent matt -slim shape- material: polypropylene
  50ml Airless-dispenser clear, pump transparent, cap transparent matt -slim form- Material: Polypropylene
100ml Airless dispenser clear, pump transparent, cap transparent matt -slim form- Material: Polypropylene

The term "airless" means "airtight" and describes how the dispenser works. By pressing down the pump, a finely dosed amount of cream is conveyed to the outside without air getting into the dispenser system. This creates a vacuum in the dispenser, which pulls the plunger up underneath the cream. Another additional benefit: this achieves almost complete residual emptying.

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Filling quantity‍: 100ml

Our airless dispensers

An airless dispenser works differently than a pump dispenser. With an airless dispenser, a vacuum is created, which ensures the exclusion of atmospheric air. This makes an airless dispenser ideal for oxidatively sensitive products and allows you to work with fewer preservatives.
An airless dispenser is a closed system. Your product does not come into contact with the outside environment during storage and use and therefore has a longer shelf life.

It is important that the "head" is properly pressed onto the body. Place both palms on the head and then use your body weight to press the adapter incl. lid onto the container. Then you have to pump until the cream reaches the top.


The bottom part is the cheapest part of the airless dispenser. The price for the pump is just under 80% of the total price. Even though we offer the adapter separately, we would like to point out that the effort of cleaning, even the lower part, is so time-consuming that it is out of proportion to the idea of sustainability. It is particularly annoying if the dispenser is not completely dry after cleaning and the new formulation is contaminated.

Therefore, our recommendation is clearly to buy a completely new dispenser.