Ageless Eye-Serum

This magic serum has an amazing effect. We have been testing LIFTONIN®-XPRESS for a long time and have now developed the ideal formula for eye (or even lip) care.
Ageless Eye-Serum


A) 84,50 g Wasser
2,00 g (0479) LIFTONIN®-XPRESS
0,70 g (0513) Xanthan (Cosphaderm® X 34)
4,00 g (0042) Oat Protein Powder
0,30 g (0622) Augentrost Extrakt kbA GW
5,00 g (0469) Tetrapeptide-21 MB
0,20 g (0471) Phytosteryl Macadamiate
2,20 g Zitronensäure, 10% Lösung
0,80 g (1404) Chemikons PE 9010

Es wird die nächst größere Packungsgröße in den Warenkorb gelegt, bitte bei der Verwendung entsprechend der Rezeptur dosieren.

Step 1: 

Boil the water and cool it down to 60°C. Add Phytosterol Macadamiate and let it dissolve. Now stir in LIFTONIN®- XPRESS and Cospaderm® X34 at high speed. Then add the oat protein powder, eyebright and tetrapeptide-21 while stirring slowly. Homogenize again at high speed. Preserve in the end. (In this case you are welcome to use another preservative) and adjust the pH value to 5 with the citric acid solution.

The result is a skincare serum that will surprise you.