Tips and tricks

…..before you started, here are tips and tricks

it is important that absolute cleanliness is maintained  with the preparation. Cleaned all utensils with alcohol.

This is also valid for the bottlenecks of the raw materials.

They need no costly equipment, you find most absolutely already in your kitchen, small pots, whisks or milk frother,  spatulas, well closeable plastic vessels or twist out of vision glasses, cream tins and bottles for bottling.

Fire-resistant glasses, glass stirrers and small measuring spoons which are available with us very help.

We have performed to you on these sides only one small choice in recipes. So that you have a clue with regard to the amounts. Of course no limits are set to your imagination with the preparation. They will find out that cosmetics production can make almost quite addicted.

Do to yourselves and your skin, however, a favour and "overload" your creams not too much with active substances.

Nevertheless rather sometimes the active substances change instead of giving everybody in a formulation.

On our Internet site we will introduce, by the way, over and over again new recipes.

And if you have managed sometimes a right "real hit", we would be glad if you inform of your personal recipe us.

And now a lot of fun for stirring!

At this point we would like to
to explain various stirrers.