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INCI: Zinc Oxide

SunZinc provides balanced protection in the areas of UVB, UVA and transparency. It is mild on the skin and proven not to cause irritation and sensitization and is not photoallergic.


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INCI: Zinc Oxide

SunZinc is a microfine zinc oxide with an exceptionally wide range of UV-B/UV-A protection. It effectively protects the skin against the harmful rays of the sun. Zinoxide is used in products such as sunscreens, daily skin care, moisturizers, lip care products and baby articles. Through a special production process we obtain homogeneous particles and a narrow particle size distribution, which leads to an excellent transparency regarding cosmetic formulations.  SunZinc on its own gives SPF values up to 30+. and can easily be combined with other filters, such as TiO2  to reach higher SPF values such as SPF 50+.

Microfine zinc oxide and its advantages:
Broadband UVA/UVB absorbers
FDA Cat. I Sun protection
FDA Cat. I Skin protection
Uncoated version



H410 : Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects

Category: Sun protection
SKU: 0481
Appearance‍: Powderwhite
Important criteria‍: veganapproved for Ecocert certified cosmeticsanimal non testingNon GMONon Nano
Induction‍: Lipid phase
Skin type/ condition‍: every skin type
Comment‍: Sun protection
Application concentration‍: 2-25%
Country of origin‍: Netherlands
CAS Nummer‍: 1314-13-2
pH-value‍: the ph-value of the final product must be set at 7.2-7.8.
Note/additional information‍: 1% zinc oxide gives approx. 1-1.5 SPF
Particle size µm‍: >100
Incorporation‍: is dispersed in the fat phase