Recipes for cleansing products

Micell water, 100g

95,0 g organic rose water

 1,50 g Decyl Glucosid

 1,50g Pentylene Glycol Natural

 1,50g ChemiKons, or an other preservative

 0,25g Glycerin

All ingredients stir  with a spatula. With lactid acid the pH-value on 5 adjusting, adding the preservative. Ready is a wonderful nature cleansing water.

Oil - gel for make-up remover                             

a) 50,00g almond oil,

    2–3,0 g Viscolid palm oil free

b) 3 Tr. Bisabolol  

The oil with Viscolid palm oil free melting in the beakers, cool to 40°C and than stir well  the bisabolol.

Tis oil remover is free from water, so it needs no preservative. 

Cleansing gel for every skin, 100g

a) 3,00g Lamecreme,

     1,00g Cethylalkohol,

    1 pinch of Xanthan transparent

b) 95,00g  dest. water,

    3,00g Urea,

    1,00g Glycerin   

c) preservative

The feat phase melting in a beakers.  Do the same with the water phase separately.

Mixing both and coll to 40°C. Preservative

Tonic for oily skin, 100g

12,00g cosmetic hair tonic

3,00g witch hazel extract ,

1,00g  d–panthenol,

1 pinch of Allantoin,

2,00 g Urea

0,50g Sage CO2-Extract,

2,50g Lösungsvermittler G 10 LW

80,00 g dest. water

Boil the water and cool down.  Dissolve Allantoin in the water. Dissolve Salbei CO2-Extrakt in Lösungsvermittler G10 LW and stir all ingredients in the water.

Tonic for dry and sensitive skin, 100g

1,50g d-panthenol,

10 drops Defensil

26 drops calendula extract

1 pinch of Allantoin,

90,00 g dest. Water


Boil the water and cool down. Dissolve Allantoin. Stir D-Panthenol and the extracts. Preservative.