Tattoo Protect

Protect your fresh tattoo with this ultra light formulation. The skin heals much faster and seals the colour. This prevents the fading of these wonderful skin tones.
Tattoo Protect


A) 2,00 g (0704) Jojobaöl, kaltgepresst 1. Pressung, kbA
2,00 g (0717) Neutralöl, palmölfrei, kbA
1,00 g (0505) Sheabutter, raff. kbA

B) 37,40 g Wasser
1,00 g (0421) Sorbit Pulver (Ph.Eur.)
1,50 g (0216) PolyAquol™ -2W
1,50 g (0466) Glycerin 99-100% palmölfrei, kbA
0,50 g (1404) Chemikons PE 9010

C) 1,00 g (0404) D-Panthenol 75%
1,50 g (0492) LIFTONIN®-XPERT ECO
0,50 g (0644) Leinsamen-Extrakt kbA
0,10 g (0518) Xanthan transparent

Es wird die nächst größere Packungsgröße in den Warenkorb gelegt, bitte bei der Verwendung entsprechend der Rezeptur dosieren.

Step 1: 

Heat phase A) and B) separately to 80°C, add together and homogenise at high speed. 

Step 2: 

For hand warmth add phase C) and stir again at high speed.

Please do not use perfume, as the skin is extremely sensitive after tattooing.

Apply the cream the very next day after tattooing and then use for at least 14 days.