Stubble Washcream

Bad-hair-day in the face?

Beard hair should be washed daily, as during the day sweat and food residues accumulate in the spaces between the hairs. This can not only look unkempt, it can also lead to skin irritations.

Here is the recipe for your darling beard.

Stubble Washcream


A) 64,80 g Wasser
3,00 g (0459) Soft EQ 65 MB
1,00 g (1423) Blend TBG MB

B) 0,50 g (0518) Xanthan Gum, transparent
1,50 g (0466) Glycerin 98-100% palmoil free, organic

C) 27,00 g (1010) Disodium/Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate MB
1,50 g (0076) Dead sea salt
0,70 g Duft
0,00 g (0417) Milchsäure (-), 80%ig

The next larger pack size will be added to the shopping basket, please dose according to the recipe when using.


Step 1:
Prepare all mixing utensils and equipment.

Disinfect them and your work surface. Please also sanitise the jar or lotion bottle into which you wish to fill the finished product.

Wear disposable gloves.

Step 2:
Boil the water. Please also boil purchased distilled water. (It is only salt-free, not necessarily germ-free)

Step 3:
Now weigh all the raw materials of the individual phases and categorise them according to phase affiliation.


Step 1:
Bring the water to the boil (remove 2.8% and pour into a small bowl), add the Soft EQ 65 and homogenise once briefly at high speed.

Allow to cool to 60° C.

Step 2:
Mix the xanthan gum with the glycerine in a small bowl and add to the water mixture.

Step 3:
Now slowly add disodium/sodium cocoyl glumate while stirring gently.
All that's missing now is a great men's fragrance (e.g. Jack or Hombre Ricco), adjust the consistency with the dead sea salt and finally adjust the pH value to a well-tolerated 5.5 with lactic acid.
Apply the Stubble Washcream to wet palms and massage gently into the beard until foam forms. Then rinse thoroughly.