In addition to valuable oils, this ultra-light fluid also provides the skin with Oligogeline® Algae extract, which prevents dehydration, and the wonderful Silk-Gel, vegan, which provides the skin with a breathable protective film. It is immediately absorbed by the skin and leaves a silky, well-groomed feeling.


A) 7,50 g (0815) Arganöl, kbA, kaltgepresst
4,00 g (0704) Jojobaöl, kaltgepresst 1. Pressung, kbA
1,50 g (0505) Sheabutter, raff. kbA
1,50 g (0813) Haferöl, kbA
1,00 g (0471) Phytosteryl Macadamiate
2,00 g (0209) Emulwitor 375
1,00 g (0219) Phospholipon® 80 H

B) 69,50 g Wasser / Hydrolat
2,00 g (0466) Glycerin 99-100% palmölfrei, kbA
1,50 g (0416) Sodium PCA
3,00 g (0477) Silk-Gel, vegan
2,00 g (0621) Oligogeline™PF
1,50 g (0436) Natriumlaktat 60%ige Lösung
1,00 g (0307) Vitamin-E-Acetat
0,20 g (0419) Hyaluronsäure MW
0,50 g (1404) Chemikons PE 9010

C) 0,30 g (0518) Xanthan transparent

Es wird die nächst größere Packungsgröße in den Warenkorb gelegt, bitte bei der Verwendung entsprechend der Rezeptur dosieren.

Step 1: 

Heat Argan, Jojoba oil and Phospholipon® 80H to 80°C until everything has dissolved. Then reduce the heat and at 60°C add the remaining ingredients from phase A).

Step 2: 

Simultaneously heat phase B) to 60°C and then join the two phases and homogenize at high speed.

Step 3: 

For hand-warming with xanthan gum, adjust the consistency and add the preserver. If the skin is prone to tension, adjust the pH-value with 1-2 drops of lactic acid to below 5.

This is just a recipe proposal. By exchanging oils and active ingredients you create your own fluid.