Eye cream

This eye cream provides a freshness kick. It provides your eye area with plenty of moisture and reduces the feeling of tightness of dry skin. 
Eye cream


A) 5,00 g Wasser oder Hydrolat
0,10 g (0419) Hyaluronsäure MW

B) 33,00 g Wasser oder Hydrolat
2,00 g (0468) Blend 1388 eco plus
0,20 g (0515) Natrosol® 250 HX
2,00 g (0415) Nicotinamid

C) 3,00 g (0405) Avocadum HU25
1,00 g (0219) Phospholipon® 80 H
1,50 g (0505) Sheabutter, raff. kbA
3,00 g (0704) Jojobaöl, kaltgepresst 1. Pressung, kbA

D) 1,00 g (0414) Seidenprotein
0,50 g (0054) Hexapeptide-8

Es wird die nächst größere Packungsgröße in den Warenkorb gelegt, bitte bei der Verwendung entsprechend der Rezeptur dosieren.


Step 1: 
Prepare all mixing utensils and equipment. 
Disinfect them and your work surface. Please also sanitise the jar or lotion bottle into which you wish to fill the finished product. 

Wear disposable gloves. 

Step 2:
Boil the water and leave to cool. Please also boil purchased distilled water. (It is only salt-free, not necessarily germ-free)

Step 3: 
Now weigh all the raw materials of the individual phases and categorise them according to phase affiliation. 


Step 1: 
First mix phase A) and leave to swell. 

Step 2: 
Heat water and Blend 1388 eco plus to 70°C, stir in first nicotinamide and then Natrosol at high speed - leave to swell.

Step 3: 
Then add the prepared phase A).

Step 4:
Melt phase C) also at approx. 70°C.

Step 5:
Now add phase C) to the water phase and stir at high speed.

Step 6: 
Stir in the active ingredients from phase D) at hand heat and adjust the pH value to 5-5.5 with lactic acid if necessary.