Body Scrub

Take enough time for the preparation. The oil is worked in drop by drop at the beginning. But... it is worth it.

This body scrub simply looks great because the jojoba beads do not settle in the scrub gel.

This product can be made with a high-speed paddle mixer.

(Not with our mini mixer and also not with the Blendia)

Body Scrub


A) 19,00 g (0240) Sucro AOF
63,00 g (0707) Mandelöl süß, raff.
18,00 g (0440) Jojobaperlen apricot

Es wird die nächst größere Packungsgröße in den Warenkorb gelegt, bitte bei der Verwendung entsprechend der Rezeptur dosieren.

Step 1:

Add the Sucro AOF to your beaker.

Step 2:

When stirring continuously at high speed, we recommend that you add the oil to the Sucro AOF drop by drop using a pipette. 
(Not too fast, as the Sucro AOF needs to absorb the oil).

Step 3:

From about halfway through adding the oil, it can be added to the Sucro AOF more quickly. 
(Please do not pour, continue to work with the pipette).

Step 4:

When a nice gel has formed, the jojoba beads may be added. 

Swap and create

-For a face scrub e.g. with Bamboo Face Scrub. 
-For a body scrub e.g. with Bamboo Body Scrub or sugar.

Of course you can also add a fragrance. 
Finest Peach oil goes well with a peeling gel with jojoba pearls in orange and Warm-up oil smells particularly good for a Bamboo Scrub.


Small quantities are easier to work with and you can dispense with preservation. 
Use the product within one month.