Baby Milk with Pentaviderm

This milk spreads very easily and pampers the baby's skin. Pentaviderm regulates and stores moisture in the skin. Lime blossom extract soothes and regenerates dry and sensitive skin.
Baby Milk with Pentaviderm


Phase A) 1,00 g (0526) Cetearyl Alkohol MB
3,00 g (0505) Sheabutter, raff. kbA
4,00 g (0704) Jojobaöl, kaltgepresst 1. Pressung, kbA
2,50 g (0220) Sucrose Stearate MB (HLB 11)
4,00 g (0717) Neutralöl, palmölfrei, kbA
0,60 g (0306) Vitamin E synthetisch

Phase B) 68,70 g Wasser
2,00 g (0466) Glycerin 98-100% palmölfrei, kbA
0,20 g (0518) Xanthan transparent
2,00 g (0404) D-Panthenol 75%
3,00 g (0448) Leucidal® SF MAX

Phase C) 1,00 g (0482) Pentaviderm
3,00 g (0637) Lindenblüten Extrakt GW

Es wird die nächst größere Packungsgröße in den Warenkorb gelegt, bitte bei der Verwendung entsprechend der Rezeptur dosieren.

Step 1: 

Heat phase A and B separately to 70°C. Then phase A to B and homogenise. 

Step 2: 

Cool the emulsion to 40°C with stirring, then add phase C. Continue to cool to room temperature and adjust the pH to 5.0-5.5. 

This wonderful light body milk is of course also suitable for adult skin. By exchanging the extract or oils you can create your own personal body care.