Palmarosa, 100% naturrein, organic

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INCI: Cymbopogon Martini

Palmarosa, organic, has a fresh floral scent reminiscent of roses.


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INCI: Cymbopogon Martini 

Palmarosa oil is obtained by steam distillation of the stems, flowers and leaves. The scent is similar to rose and is therefore often used instead of rose oil. It is finely floral, grassy, a little geranium-like. But palmarosa can do more than just smell good. It is effective against skin irritations, is antiseptic and is considered to be particularly skin caring. It also strengthens the immune system and has a fungicidal effect. Palmarosa is suitable as a mixture for massage oils and also has a firm place in aromatherapy.



H315 : Causes skin irritation

H317 : May cause an allergic skin reaction

H318 : Causes serious eye damage

H412 : Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects

Category:Essential Oils
Appearance‍: yellow
Important criteria‍: organic100% naturalanimal non testingNon GMO
Skin type/ condition‍: mature skinimpure/oily skin
Solubility‍: at Ethanolat liquid vegetable fats, almost insoluble in water
Comment‍: SoapAromatherapyMassage oil
Plant part‍: Leaves
Scent/Smell‍: flowerygrassygeranium
Purity/ Recovery‍: Steam distillation
Fragrance‍: Heart note
Effect‍: deodorisingfungicidalantisepticskin caring
Danger‍: GHS05GHS07H315H317H318H412
Country of origin‍:Nepal/India
CAS Nummer‍:8014-19-5