Montanov™ 68 MB

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INCI: Cetearyl Alcohol and Cetearyl Glucoside

Montanov™ 68 MB is an O/W emulsifier that can be used for natural/ "green" concepts. It can create a fluid to thick cream with a rich texture. ...more

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INCI: Cetearyl Alcohol and Cetearyl Glucoside

Montanov TM68 is a non-ionic, BDIH and Ecocert-comfort O/W emulsifier based on  Cetearyl alkohol, i.e. a mixture of Cetyl and Cetearyl alcohol and Cetearyl Glucoside. It is not irritating, non-comedogenic and is self-emulsifying. According to the manufacturer there is no need for further stabilizers such as Gelling or fatty alcohol. Based on our experience, we recommend using a pinch of xanthan transparently. This emulsifier prefers high-revving stirring, for example, with a hand blender.

Montanov TM68 forms a so-called liquid crystalline system, it stores water as in a deposit that later will be released in the Skin.

Handling: Melt in fat phase, heat the fat and water phase at 75 degree (better at 80 degree), emulsify with one-post-method.

Category: Emulsifiers
SKU: 0229
Appearance‍: Pelletswhite
Important criteria‍: RSPO Mass Balanceveganapproved for Ecocert certified cosmeticsNon GMO
Induction‍: Lipid phase
Skin type/ condition‍: dry skinmature skinevery skin type
Product type/ product type‍: O/W-EmulsifierCo-Emulsifier
Comment‍: Decorative cosmeticsBody careFace care
Application concentration‍: 0,5-5%
CAS Nummer‍: 67762-27-0, 54549-27-8, 27836-65-3
pH-value‍: tolerant
Original material‍: glucose extrakcted from manioc / fat extrakcted from coconut oil
HLB-value‍: 9
Lipid phase level‍: Can stabilise up to 60% oil phase.
Incorporation‍: Lipid phase 75-80°C
ISO 16128‍: Natural Index 0 / Natural Origin Index 1