Manuka, 100% naturrein

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INCI: Leptospermum scoparium leaf oil 

Manuka oil has a flowery, spicy scent and has a grounding effect. It has a similar effect to tea tree oil


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INCI: Leptospermum scoparium leaf oil

The essentail oil manuka is won by steam distillation from the sheets and branches of the South Pacific myrtle (Leptospermum scoparium). The color is pale yellow to brownishly  and owns a sweetish, spicy-earthy fragance. The ethereal oil well frees itself in alcohol (ethanol), vegetable oils and other essential oils. Essential oil manuka is  indissoluble in water.
Main parts with up to 50% are included carboxylic acid ester and in lower concentration sesquiterpene as for example a-and ß-cadinen, as well as limes and linalool.
The anti-allergic qualities of the essential oil manuka are used  by massages and baths. It works very stabilising with general nervousness, irritant flood and restlessness.



H315 : Causes skin irritation

H319 : Causes serious eye irritation

H302 : Harmful if swallowed

Category: Essential Oils
SKU: 1126
Appearance‍: light yellow
Important criteria‍: animal non testingNon GMO100% natural
Skin type/ condition‍: inflamed skinimpure/oily skin
Solubility‍: at Ethanolat liquid vegetable fats, almost insoluble in water
Comment‍: Massage oilBath additiveCommon cold
Plant part‍: LeavesBranches
Scent/Smell‍: herbaceoussweetishearthyspicy
Purity/ Recovery‍: Steam distillation
Fragrance‍: Heart note
Effect‍: anti-inflammatorycalmantibacterial
Country of origin‍: New Zealand
CAS Nummer‍: 223749-44-8