Lanette® Wax ES

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INCI: Cetearyl alcohol, Polysorbate 60

Lanette® Wax ES is a self-emulsifying base for creams and lotions, especially for high pH emulsions.


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INCI: Cetearyl alcohol, Polysorbate 60

This emulsifying wax is a combination of the two emulsifiers cetearyl alcohol and polysorbate 60. Perfect for creating stable emulsions with high oil content and this in a wide ph range. It does not require the help of other co-emulsifiers, gelling agents or stabilisers.

This non-ionic O/W emulsifier is used in antiperspirants, deodorants, sun care (after-sun, sunscreen, self-tanning), body care, colour care and facial care. It is also used in baby care and cleansing formulations.

Category: Emulsifiers
SKU: 0248
Appearance‍: Pelletswhite
Important criteria‍: vegananimal non testingNon GMO
Induction‍: Lipid phase
Comment‍: DeodorantAfter Sun ProductsBaby productsBody careFace careSun protectionCleaningAntiperspirant
Solubility‍: dispersible in waterdispersible in oil
Scent/Smell‍: neutral
Purity/ Recovery‍: EsterificationKatalytic Hydrogenation
Application concentration‍: 2,0-5,0% in lotion 5,0-10,0% in emulsionen
Country of origin‍: USA
CAS Nummer‍: 8005-44-5; 67762-27-0, 9005-67-8
pH-value‍: 6,2
Original material‍: Coconut oil, vegetable oils, and sorbitol
HLB-value‍: 12-13
Incorporation‍: Heat at 80°C in the fat phase.