Gamma Oryzanol

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INCI: Oryzanol

Gamma Oryzanol stimulates the blood circulation, protects the skin from wrinkles and freckles, inhibits fat oxidation.


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INCI: Oryzanol

Due to its UVA and UVB absorption capacity, gamma oryzanol is preferably used in sun protection products. As it also has a stimulating effect on the sebaceous glands, it is particularly suitable for dry and mature skin. Gamma oryzanol stimulates blood circulation and fat metabolism. It is excellent as an antioxidant and also as an antistatic additive in hair care products.
Gamma Oryzanol is melted in the fat phase, the input concentration is 0.2 and 2.5%.
Convenient is the processing in a barrier protection base.



H315 : Causes skin irritation

H319 : Causes serious eye irritation

H335 : May cause respiratory irritation.

Category: Additives and Active substances
SKU: 0412
Appearance‍: Powderwhitebeigecrystalline
Important criteria‍: vegananimal non testingNon GMOpalm oil-free
Induction‍: Lipid phase
Skin type/ condition‍: every skin typedry skinmature skin
Comment‍: Hair careBody careFace care
Solubility‍: at oilin waxing
Effect‍: Anti-AgingBarrier protectionAntioxidants
Application concentration‍: 0,2-2,5%
Country of origin‍: China
CAS Nummer‍: 11042-64-1
Original material‍: Rice bran
Note/additional information‍: Pharma Grade (98%)
Melting point‍: 135-154°C
Incorporation‍: Although its melting point in isolation is approx. 135-154° C, it dissolves in the approx. 90° C hot fat phase, as the melting points of the fats approach each other. Only then add other lipids.
ISO 16128‍: Natural Origin Index 1