After Shave Balm (50g)


  3,00g Lamecreme

  1,50g Babassu oil

  8,00g Grape seed oil

  1.00g Vitamin E acetate


30,00g Water

1 knife sp. Allantoin

  0,50g Cetyl alcohol


  2,00g D-panthenol

  3,00g Cucumber extract


Choice of fragrance and preservative

Heat phases a) and b) separately and then join together, stir and then add the active ingredients c) one after the other at hand temperature.
Adjust Ph value with lactic acid to 5-5,5.

Stubble Washcream (100g)

Bad-hair-day in the face?
Bearded hair should be washed daily, because during the day sweat and food residues accumulate in the spaces between the hairs.
This can not only look unkempt, it can also lead to skin irritations.

Here is the recipe for your favourite beard:


64,80g Water

  3.00g Soft EQ65


   0.50g Xanthan gum transp.

   1,50g Glycerine


 27.00g Perlastan® SC 25 NKPF

Blend TBG

lactic acid

Bring the water to the boil (remove 2.80% and place in a small bowl), then add Soft EQ 65 and homogenize briefly at high speed once.
Allow to cool to 60°C. Mix the xanthan gum with the glycerine in a small bowl and add to the water mixture. Then slowly add Perlastan® SC 25 NKPF while stirring gently.  Now stir in a great men's fragrance (e.g. Houda or Ritchie), adjust the consistency with salt, add Blend® TBG and finally adjust the pH value with lactic acid to a well tolerated 5.5.

Pour the Subble Washcream into the wet palms of your hands, massage gently into the beard until foam is formed. Rinse thoroughly afterwards. 

With this fluid the skin gets a wonderful active ingredient mix of our best skin moisturizers. This fluid provides sufficient moisturization through its light oils without shining. It is therefore ideal for men's skin.

Natural Protect, 50g

Phase A                      

3,00 MCT oil

3,00 Apricot kernel oil

1,50 Sheabutter

0,50 Grapeseed oil

1,00 Cetearyl Alcohol

0.50 Imwitor®375

1.00 Glyceryl stearates SE


Phase B                  

33.10 Water

1,25 Glycerin

0.10 Xanthan gum

0.50 Ectoin®


Phase C 

2,00 Pentylene Glycol natural

0.50 Glycoin®natural

0,05 Vitamin E acetates

0.75 Keratin, vegetable.

1.25 Leucidal Liquid® SF      

How to do: Mix phase A and B (glycerine and xanthan gum first and then add to water) separately to about 70°C. Heat both phases together and homogenize at high speed. Combine both phases and homogenize at high speed. When the formulation has reached hand heat, add phase C.  Stir again at high speed. If necessary, correct the pH value with lactic acid.