Foamer bottle, 250ml (Foamerflasche)

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Finest foam comes out of this foamer bottle for 250ml Content.



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Finest foam comes out of this Foamer bottle. It is white, HDPE. Ideal for shower gel, shampoo or cleansing foam. With this foamer you can dose your cleaning extremely sparingly. Fill only 1/3 of your shower gel and 1/3 of water. Shake briefly and then pump. This way you use much less of the actual product. (By the way, it also works very well with washing-up liquid in the kitchen) The bottle can be cleaned wonderfully and is therefore reusable.

Output 0.75ml/stroke
Capacity: 250ml
Material: HDPE


Category: Plastics
SKU: 1266001
Filling quantity‍: 250ml