Vitamin C-Serum , 20g


  •  0,04 g Ferulasäure  disolve in

  •     3,00 g Ethanol


  • 1,80g Vitamin C disolve in

  • 6,40g Water

Add Phase a + b  and add

  •     7,00g Hyaluronic gel

  •     2,00 Hydrolat

  •     0,052g Natriumlaktat 

The pH value is adjusted to 3 -3,5 with lactid acid. Fill up in a dark bottle and use it fast.

Alexmo Face Primer (100g)

To ensure that your make-up lasts all day long, we have developed this formula for you.
The plant extracts have a calming effect and help stressed skin. Silkgel forms a protective, breathing barrier, oligogeline with its smoothing texture creates a pleasant skin feel and sodium sulphite prevents the pigments from darkening. The make-up doesn't look stained and lasts the whole day......... and if necessary, all night long.
  • 82,60g Wasser

  • 1,00g Glycerin 99,5 Bio.

  • 0,10g Sodium Sulfite

  • 5,00g Silkgel vegan

  • 3,00g Imwitor® 375


  • 1,25g Oligogeline® PF

  • 0,25g Xanthan transparent

  • 2,50g Esteröl


  • 1,00g Commiphora Mukul CO2-Extrakt

  • 1,00g Defensil®

  • 2,00g Leucidal® Liquid Max

  • 0,30g Amaze®

Lacid acid

How to do:
Mix phase a) and heat to 70°C. 
Mix phase b) and add COLD to phase a) and homogenize at high speed to a milky fluid.
Cool down to 40°C and then add the preservative and the plant extracts. Use Amaze® to adjust the consistency and possibly adjust the pH-value with lactic acid to 4.8 (ripe skin) to 5.5.

Hydro-Silk-Fluid (100g)

This ultra-light fluid supplies the skin not only with valuable oils but also with algae extract Oligogeline® and the wonderful vegan silk gel, which protects the skin against dehydration and provides it with a breathable protective film. It is immediately absorbed into the skin and leaves a silky, softener feeling.


  • 7,50g Argan oil

  • 4,00g Jojoba oil

  • 1,50g Sheabutter

  • 1,50g Oatseed oil

  • 0,50g Phytosterol Macadamiate/Phytosterolester

  • 2,00g Imwitor® 375

  • 1,00g Phospholipon® 80H


  • 69,50g Water/Hydrolat

  • 2,00g Glycerin

  • 1,50g Sodium PCA

  • 3,00g Silkgel vegan

  • 2,00g Oligogeline® PF

  • 1,50g Natriumlactat

  • 1,00g Vitamin-E-Acetate

  • 0,20g Hyaluronic acid


  • 0,30g Xanthan transparent/Cosphaderm® X34

  • 1,00g Preservative like Rokonsal,  Verstatil® TBG

How to do:
Heat Argan, Jojoba oil and Phospholipon® 80H to 80°C until everything has dissolved, then reduce the heat and at 60°C add the remaining ingredients from phase A). Simultaneously heat phase B) to 60°C and then join the two phases and homogenize at high speed (blendia). For hand-warming with xanthan gum, adjust the consistency and add the preserver. If the skin is prone to tension, adjust the pH-value with 1-2 drops of lactic acid to below 5.
This is just a recipe proposal. By exchanging oils and active ingredients you create your own fluid.

Skin ´n Roses Maske (30g)


  • 5,50g Argan oil

  • 3,00g Babassuoil

  • 1,00g Granatapfel CO2 Extract

  • 2,00g Ground rose petals

  • 1,50g BergaMuls® ET


  • 17,00g Rose Hydrolat, organic

How to do:
Warm the oils a little bit and then mix them homogeneously with BergaMuls® ET and ground rose petals. Add the hydrolate and homogenize about 3-4 min. at high speed (blendia). If you apply the mask immediately, you do not need to preserve it. If you produce a larger quantity, a preserver is recommended. Apply generously to the face and décolleté and after 20 minutes gently remove with warm compresses. The intensive rose scent will inspire you.
The nourishing oils make the skin soft and supple.