DIY- Liner für Lip- und Eyeliner aus Cellulose

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Finally there is a sharpenable cellulose liner made of renewable raw materials (completely biobased). It can easily be sharpened with a cosmetic sharpener and is also made of renewable raw materials.


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Finally, there is a sharpenable cellulose liner made of renewable raw materials ( completely biobased, since the cap and end piece are also made of renewable raw materials). It can easily be sharpened with a cosmetic sharpener and is also made of renewable raw materials (e.g. sawdust from the region).
Moreover, it convinces not only with its noble, natural look in matt black. And because you work like the professionals, we have given our liner a white text field. Here you can enter the color number of your pigment mixture with a permanent marker. So you always know which colour you are currently using.
Filling the liners is very easy thanks to the large opening.  It can either be filled from above (please insert the end cap first) or you fill the sleeve from the end.
After many tests, this method has proven to be the best. As we know it from lipstick moulding, a small hole often forms in the middle of the mould compound as soon as it hardens. This is due to the different setting temperatures of the waxes.  Therefore it is much better, this small hole is formed at the end of the sleeve instead of at the beginning. Otherwise we have a lot of loss when sharpening until we get a nice tip. And if you have miscalculated and the mass is no longer a complete filling, this is no problem, as we cannot sharpen the liner to the end. The rest of the sleeve simply remains empty, but the liner can still be used right from the start.

That's the way to do it:
Close the empty tube with a strip of adhesive tape (or with the end cap) and then place it in a suitable mould, such as the aluminium lipstick mould. Now carefully fill the hot pin mass into the sleeve.  Now put everything in the fridge for 2-3 hours. Allow the pen to harden for another day. Then sharpen the pencil with our cosmetic sharpener.
8,0cm Capacity approx. 2,8g
Each cellulose pencil comes with a clear front cap and a black end cap. The sleeves are not suitable for volatile components.

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