Cashew kernel oil, organic

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Cashew nut oil has a nourishing effect and supports the skin barrier with its specific fatty acid spectrum.


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The cashew tree originally comes from South America and belongs to the sumac family. The high-quality oil can be produced from the cashew kernels. A novelty on the cosmetics market - and at the same time an upcycled raw material from holistic production.

This cashew nut oil has a high content of oleic acid and linoleic acid.
While the oleic acid provides a soft skin feeling and promotes the absorption of lipophilic active ingredients in the skin, the linoleic acid, which is quickly absorbed into the skin, strengthens the skin barrier and reduces moisture loss at the same time.

As an alternative to almond oil and jojoba oil, cashew seed oil stabilises sensitive active ingredient oils such as evening primrose oil against oxidative processes.
For a rich massage balm, cashew nut oil can be combined very well with mango butter and baobab oil.

Category: Base Oils
SKU: 0741
Appearance‍: whitelight yellowliquidpasty
Important criteria‍: approved for COSMOS certified cosmeticsorganicvegananimal non testing
Induction‍: Lipid phase
Skin type/ condition‍: dry skinevery skin typemature skin
Comment‍: Hair careBody careFace care
Plant part‍: stone
Scent/Smell‍: neutral
Purity/ Recovery‍: FiltrationCO2-ExtractionNeutralisation through deodorisation
Application concentration‍: up to 100%
Country of origin‍: Burkina Faso, Vietnam
CAS Nummer‍: 8007-24-7
Melting point‍: approx. 10°C
ISO 16128‍: Organic Index 100% / Organic Origin Index 100%