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INCI: Bakuchiol

Bakuchiol works effectively like retinol against skin ageing and acne. However, without the disadvantages of retinol, such as skin irritation or photochemical instability.



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INCI: Bakuchiol

Bakuchiol is THE new trend active ingredient for our skin. Why?
Because it is effective against skin aging and acne like retinol, but without the disadvantages of retinol, such as skin irritation or photochemical instability.

Bakuchiol is 100% natural and is extracted from the Babchi seeds.
Against skin aging, bakuchiol has a stimulating effect on collagen production, reduces wrinkles and hyperpigmentation and can increase skin elasticity and strength. In acne, it prevents the proxidation of skin lipids by keeping the protective mantle active. It controls the overproduction of bacteria on the skin, inhibits pro-inflammatory genes and enzymes, and reduces keratinization of the skin.
In addition, it does not make the skin sensitive to light, so it can also be used safely in the morning. Nevertheless, you should not do without sun protection.
Bakuchiol is suitable for all skin types: whether dry, sensitive, oily or combination skin. Only in exceptional cases such as rosacea or eczema should bakuchiol be used with caution. A small dosage is especially important in this case, otherwise it may cause skin spots. In general you never do anything wrong by starting with a small dosage and then gradually using more of the bakuchiol cream or oil.

Formulation guidelines for bakuchiol
Bakuchiol is a purely natural and well defined material with a purity of 99%. Formulated products containing bakuchiol will be white and will remain white in formulated products. Bakuchiol is miscible with a variety of hydrophobic emollients (e.g. capric/caprylic triglycerides, vegetable oils). It is dissolved in oil and then added to the formulation after emulsification at about 50°C or lower. Alternatively, bakuchiol can be added directly to the oil phase. Avoid heating the oil phase
above 75°C.
The final product should preferably have a pH below 6.0. A pH value below 5.5 is recommended. If potassium sorbate or sodium benzoate are used as preservatives, prolonged exposure to sunlight or heat should be avoided. We recommend lightproof packaging.

Applications: In masks, lotions, serums and creams



H318 : Causes serious eye damage

H410 : Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects

Category: Vitamins, Liposomes
SKU: 0316
Appearance‍: yellowliquid
Important criteria‍: palm oil-freeanimal non testingNon GMO
Induction‍: Lipid phasehand warming phasefinished end product
Skin type/ condition‍: mature skinevery skin typeAcne skinimpure/oily skin
Solubility‍: at oil
Comment‍: Body careFace care
Scent/Smell‍: aromaticfaint
Purity/ Recovery‍: Extraction
Effect‍: Anti-Aging
Application concentration‍: 0,5-1,0%
Country of origin‍: India
CAS Nummer‍: 10309-37-2
pH-value‍: see long description
Original material‍: Seeds of the plant Psoralea corylifolia