Zitronensäureester (Triethyl Citrate)

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INCI: Triethyl Citrate
Dosage: 1 - 5%
Triethyl Citrate is a colorless and odorless, lipophilic liquid made from natural resources. It is an ideal addition in deodorant formulations because it inhibits the esterase based metabolism of sweat components which causes malodor. This active ingredient does not affect the natural skin flora.

Recipe suggestion

Deocream for Roll-on

Phase A

4,0g coconut oil, grated.
1,5g Jojoba oil
2,0g Emulsifier GSC palm oil free
1,5g Zinc Ricinoleate
0,5g Decalact deodorant
1,0g Citric acid ester

Phase B

36g water
1Knife point Allantoin

Phase C

1,3g Glycerine
0.2g xanthan gum

lactic acid (2 drops), roconsal, possibly fragrance

Heat phase A and B separately to 80°C. Dispersing well in each case. Then add phase B to A and stir at high speed.
Then stir lightly to hand heat. Mix phase C and add to phase A/B. Work in and continue to stir gently.
Then conserve and check the pH value; if necessary, work with lactic acid.

Finally, add the fragrance of your choice.

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