Xperse® Zinc Oxide

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Xperse® , Zinc Oxide dispersion
INCI: Zinc oxide (and) Caprylic/Capric Tryglyceride (and) Polygydroxystearic Acid
Dosage: at 30%

This Xperse® is a dispersion of Zinc Oxide in Caprylic/capric triglyceride. This Xperse® is Ecocert and COSMOS approved. Zano® M offers the highest levels of UVA protection and provides a critical wavelength of 385 nm, while maintining good transparency. Zano® M is part of the Zano® family of products that offers zinc oxides for all performance needs, from balanced protection to highest levels of transparency or maximum UVA protection levels. Zano® products are available as coated and uncoated powder and in dispersed form as Xperse® products.

The ready formulation should have a pH-value of 7 since otherwise the stability cannot be ensured by a longer time period.

Recipe suggestion

Alexmo Sun Protect SPF 20

Summer, sun, beach and sea. Our favourite season has begun.
So that the sun does not mean stress for our skin, we have put together a wonderfully light sun cream - recipe here.

 56,50% water
  3.00% Glycerine 99.5 %BIO
  0.30% Xanthan transparent

    9.00% neutral oil
    2.00% cetearyl alcohol
    2.00% Imwitor 375
    2,00% Phospholipon 80H
  20.00% Xperse® Zinc Oxides
    2.00% Vitamin E acetates
    0.20% Xanthan transparent

    2.00% sodium lactate
    1.00% Chemicals PE9010

That's how it's done:

Mix phase a) and b) separately and heat to 80°C. Combine the two phases and homogenize for 5 minutes.
Cool to 35°C and then add phase c) and stir again.

Important! The pH-value must be adjusted between 7.2 and 7.8 to ensure that the Xperse® Zinc Oxidee remains stable.
For optimal sun protection you should use approx. 30g sun cream for the whole body.

If you want to increase the LSF, please reduce the water content. At LSF 30 you take 30% Xperse® Zinc Oxide and only 46.5% water.

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