Xanthan Gum, transparent

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INCI: Xanthan Gum
Xanthan gum is a natural occurring high-molecular weight polysaccharide and is produced by
fermentation. It is soluble in cold and hot water and forms highly viscous, pseudoplastic
solutions. Its unique combination of physical and chemical properties makes it an excellent
thickener and stabilizer for many foods, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.
Features and Benefits
~  provides a clear (transparent) solution
~  imparts high solution viscosity even at low concentrations
~  pseudoplastic rheological properties (i.e. is shear thinning)
~  soluble in both cold and hot water
~  provides freeze-thaw stability
~  synergistic interaction with galactomannans, such as guar, locust bean and tara gum
~  compatible with practically all commercially available thickeners and stabilizers
~  stable over a wide range of pH and temperatures
~  compatible with and stable in systems containing high concentrations of salt
~  resistant to enzymatic degradation
~  compatible with up to 50% aqueous solutions of ethanol without formation of precipitate
Ecocert and cosmos

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