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INCI: Tetrapeptide-21, Glyerin, Butylene Glycol, Aqua
Dosage: 0,5 - 5%
Tetrapeptide-21 is a new bioactive tetrapeptide with superior collagen boosting activity. Tetrapeptide-21 is a peptide sequence based on skins own structure, minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and reduces skin roughness and is preservative-free. Tetratpeptide-21 is suitable for O/W and W/O formulation claiming anti-aging / anti-wrinkle properties.

Recipe suggestion

Ageless Eye Serum

This magic serum has an amazing effect.
I have long been testing Liftonin®-Express and have now developed the ideal formula for eye care (or even the lips).

84.50% water

2.00% Liftonin®-Express

0.70% Cosphaderm® X34

4.00% Hydrated silica

0.30% eyebright extract

5.00% tetrapeptide-21

0.20% phytosterol macadamiate

2.20% citric acid, 10% solution

1.10% ChemiKons 9010

And this is how it's done:

Boil the water down and cool down to 60 ° C. Add phytosterol macadamiate and dissolve. Now stir in the Liftonin®-xpress and Cosphaderm ®X34 at high speed. Then, with slow stirring, add the Hydrated Silica, Eyebright and the peptides. Homogenize once again at high speed.
Conserve at the end (here may be another conservator) and adjust the pH to 5 with the citric acid solution.

Done is a care serum that will surprise you yet.


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