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INCI: Polyglyceryl-3 Palmitate
Used concentration: 3 - 10%, in bath oils 10%

Melting point: 35 - 40 ¡ C
Saponification: 150-170

Softfeel PP is a very effective emulsifier. It is a brown paste, PEG-free. Due to its chemical structure, it covers a relatively wide range of HLB (9) and thus ensures emulsion stability. It is recommendable for self-emulsifying bath oils.

Recipe suggestion

56 g Aprikosenkernöl
34 g Traubenkernöl
10 g Softfeel PP
2,5 g Vitamin E
PÖ oder ÄÖ nach Lust & Laune

Alles zusammen bei 40° C aufschmelzen. Gut verrühren. Vor Gebrauch gut aufschütteln.

Recipe suggestion 2

Oil peeling
A) 62 g grape seed oil
        5 g Softfeel PP
        5 g rice germ oil
        2 g apricot ester
     0.5 g vitamin E
        5 g Viscolid palm oil free
B) 0,5 g scents ÄÖ or PÖ
     10 g sugar
     10 g salt

or 2.5 g jojoba pearls (as in the picture) instead of sugar and salt

Melt phase A at 80° C. Mix in the peeling materials and the scent when hand-warming.

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