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INCI Name: Distearoylethyl Dimonium Chloride (and) Cetearyl Alcohol

Soft EQ 65 Pellets is a readily biodegradable ester quat with excellent conditioning performance. High rinsability properties of this product enables water saving and friendly to environment sustainability claims for your products. This emulsifier has a typical cationic skin feel, is solvent free, and has a high flash point. Soft EQ 65 Pellets are recommended for conditioners, skin care creams and lotions, and leave-in hair treatments.

Please read the formulation for the best hair conditioner.

Recipe suggestion


Soft EQ 65  3,1%
Cetearyl Alcohol 4,4%
Glycerin 2,0%
Wasser 90,5%
gewünschten Konservierer

Alle Zutaten bis auf Konservierer und Parfum zusammen im Becherglas direkt auf der Herdplatte auf 95°C erhitzen.
Sehr hochtourig verrühren. (blendia, Zauberstab oder hochtourigem Rührwerk)

Bei einer Temperatur von ca. 40°C Konservierer und Parfum dazugeben.

Nochmals sehr hochtourig verrühren, wenn eine Temperatur von 30°C erreicht ist.
(Zwischen den Phasen kann es sein, dass sich das Soft EQ 65 noch nicht komplett aufgelöst haben. Dies sollte aber nach dem letzten Verrühren passiert sein)

Recipe suggestion 2

Stubble Washcream

Bad-hair-day in the face?
Bearded hair should be washed daily, as sweat and food remains accumulate in the hair gaps during the day.
This can not only look unkempt, it can also cause skin irritation.

Here is the recipe for the Beloved Beard:

64.8% Water
  2.0% Soft EQ 65

  0.5% Xanthan transp.
  1.5% Glycerine

27.0% Perlastan® SC 25 NKPF

Blend TBG

lactic acid

Bring the water to a boil (2.8% less and put it into a bowl) and then add Soft EQ 65 and briefly homogenize at high speed.
Allow to cool to 60°C. Mix the xanthan gum into a small bowl with the glycerine and add to the water mixture. Then slowly add Perlastan® SC 25 NKPF while stirring gently.  Mix in a great men's scent (e. g. Houda or Ritchie), adjust the consistency with salt, add Blend TBG and finally adjust the pH-value with lactic acid to a well tolerated 5,5.


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