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INCI:  Titanium Dioxide (Nano), Simethicone, Zink Oxide
Dosage:  5 -10 %
particle size approx.  30-100 nm or larger
It is a mineral natural protection against the sun and consists of a nonpoisonous titanium dioxide, that you use also in the decorative cosmetics. It is finly ground with zinc oxide and doesn't make the skin white. It is absolutely transparent . It is solved in the oil.
The powder blocks the UV B and UV A radiation almost completely, it is therefore very well suitable for every kind {style} of Sun blocker.
Manufacturers of these micro  pigments give a protection factor of LSF 2 per per cent pigment mixture to 10% SoFiTix broadband HT as an orientation in the complete product on, you already achieve a 95 per cent absorption of the UV B radiation with LSF 20.

The nano-details  refer to the ungecoatete titanium dioxide. These particles are no more in the nano-area after the coating!

Recipe suggestion

Lippenpflegestift mit LSF 20+

A)     57,7 % Jojobaöl

23,0 % Bienenwachs

  3,8 % Fluidlecithin Super

  5,8 % Vitamin E-Acetate

B)        7,7 % SoFiTix Breitband

  2,0 % RonaFlair LDP White


Die Fette aufschmelzen und erst dann die Pigmente sorgfältig unterrühren.  RonaFlair LDP White wirkt in Verbindung mit mineralischem Sonnenschutz wie ein LSF Verstärker, so dass der Schutz deutlich höher liegt als ohne diesen Filler. Wenn die Pigmente gut verrührt sind, einfach in eine Lippenstiftform (Silikonform für Lippenstifte) gießen und gut aushärten lassen. Dank dem Lecithin setzen sich die Pigmente nicht ab. So ist eine gleichmäßige Verteilung in der Fettphase gewährleistet und Sie erhalten den Sonnenschutz von Anfang an.

Recipe suggestion 2

Face powder with sun protection LSF 10+

8.00% Mica LL

8.00% RonaFlair Low Luster

5.00% RonaFlair LDP White

5.00% SoFiTix Broadband

1.20% Pigment Yellow, CI 77492

0.20% Pigment Red, CI77491

0.30% Pigment Brown, CI77499

2.00% Magnesium Stearate

65.90% Sericite

RonaFlair LDP White works like an LSF amplifier in combination with mineral sun protection, so that the protection is significantly higher than without this filler.

Of course, you can adapt the pigments to your own requirements.  In summer, a little bit of Colorona Oriental Beige gives the skin a soft shade. Mix all powders well. Either in a small grinder, or in a food processor. I bought a machine for this very purpose. Only pigments are mixed in it.

Finally, I would like to conclude with

0.30% Tocopherol

3. Add 70% neutral oil or jojoba oil and possibly a fragrance and swirl the whole again vigorously.

The finished product is a light, almost transparent powder, which still gives you a little protection from the sun in the "today-will-I don't-make me up" phase. Or simply apply as a finish.


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