RonaFlair® LDP white, 20g

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INCI: Sodium Potassium, Aluminum Silicate, CI77891(Titanium Dioxide), Silica
Particle: 2.0 -20.0µm
4-10% in O/W Formulierungen
15% in Lippenstifte
30% in losen Puder

RonaFlair® LDP White is based on white ceramic microspheres (2?20 µm) that are coated with SiO2 and TiO2. The shape of the substrate and the sophisticated coating technology combine to fill wrinkles and create an even, diffuse light distribution. This makes them virtually invisible. Instant anti-aging! The filler?s spherical particles also produce an exceptional ball-bearing effect for an incredibly smooth skin feel.

RonaFlair® LDP White is stable against temperature and light and can be processed easily into all color cosmetic and personal care applications. Its pure white powder color makes it particularly suitable for white formulations since there is no color impact on the final product.

Recipe suggestion

Lip balm with SPF 20+

   57.7% jojoba oil

   23.0% beeswax

     3.8% fluid lecithin super

     5.8% vitamin E acetate

     7.7% SoFiTix Broadband

     2.0% RonaFlair® LDP White

Melt the fats and then carefully stir in the pigments. RonaFlair® LDP White works in conjunction with mineral sunscreen like a LSF amplifier, so that the protection is significantly higher than without this filler.

When the pigments are well mixed, simply pour into a lipstick mold (silicone mold for lipsticks) and allow to set well. Thanks to the lecithin, the pigments do not settle. This ensures an even distribution in the fat phase and you get the sunscreen right from the start.

Recipe suggestion 2

Face powder with sunscreen SPF 10+

8.00% Mica LL

8.00% RonaFlair Low Luster

5.00% RonaFlair LDP White

5.00% SoFiTix Broadband

1.20% Pigment Yellow, CI 77492

0.20% Pigment Red, CI77491

0.30% Pigment Brown, CI77499

2.00% magnesium stearate

65.90% sericite

RonaFlair LDP White works in conjunction with mineral sunscreen as a LSF amplifier, so that the protection is significantly higher than without this filler

Of course, you can adapt the color pigments to your own wishes. In summer, a little Colorona Oriental Beige gives the skin a soft tint. Mix all powders well. Either in a small grinder or in a food processor. I have a machine for exactly this purpose. In the only pigments are mixed.


0.30% tocopherol

3.70% neutral oil or jojoba oil and possibly add a scent and whirl the whole thing again vigorously.

Done is a light, almost transparent powder that gives you a little protection from the sun in the "I do not want to make-up" phase today. Or simply apply as a finish.

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