Phytosterol Ester 99% aus non-GMO Sojaöl

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Phytosterol Ester

PHYTOSTEROLS can be used in cosmetics either in their free form or as esters. The free sterols are W/O emulsifiers and can increase
the stability of both W/O and O/W emulsions. Since they have a rather low solubulity in plant oils (less than 5%), only smaller concentrations should be incoroporated from the free sterols to avoid possible recrystallisation. PHYTOSTEROL ESTERS, on the other hand, are almost freely miscible with plant oils and can be used to increase the viscosity of lotions and creams and give them a shiny appearance. Commonly, PHYTOSTEROLS are used in creams in concnetrations between 0.5% and 2%. PHYTOSTEROL ESTERS should be used in higher concentrations up to 5%. PHYTOSTEROLS are preferably used in anti-aging creams and sun-care lotions. Oils and creams containing PHYTOSTEROLS exhibit strong UV-protection. Furthermore, their anti-inflammatory effects make them an ideal ingredient for use in products intended for the treatment of atopic eczema and the protection of baby skin. Added to shampoos and hair conditioners at a concentration of around 1%, PHYTOSTEROLS can give a velvety shine and increase the combability of the hair after drying. Finally, phytosterols and their esters can add texture and gloss to decorative cosmetics, such as lipsticks, face powders and mascara.

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