Perlastan® SC 25 NKPF (Disodium/Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate)

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Palm oil free variant  of PERLASTAN SC 25 NKW. Extremely mild tenside, suitable for sensitive skin. Reduce the absorption of anionic tensides and prevent drying the skin out so. Fine foam, excellent foaming characteristics and foam stability.
Qualities emulsifying good ones . Environmentally friendly by very good biological degradability, suitable for natural product productions or.
NaTrue, ECOCERT and in conformity with the COSMOS.

Recipe suggestion

Stubble Washcream

Bad-hair-day in the face?
Whiskers should be washed daily as sweat and food remains accumulate in the hair spaces during the day.
This can not only look neglected, it can also lead to skin irritation.

Here is the recipe for the dearest beard:

64.8% water
  2.0% Soft EQ 65

  0.5% xanthan gum.
  1.5% glycerol

27.0% Perlastan® SC 25 NKPF

Blend TBG

lactic acid

Bring the water to a boil (remove 2.8% and place in a small bowl) and then add Soft EQ 65 and homogenize briefly at high speed.
Allow to cool to 60 ° C. Mix xanthan in a small bowl with the glycerin and add to the water mixture. Then slowly add with gentle stirring Perlastan® SC 25 NKPF. Stir in a good gentleman's fragrance (eg Houda or Ritchie), adjust the consistency with salt, add Blend TBG and finally adjust the pH to well tolerated 5.5 with lactic acid.

Apply the Subble Washcream to the wet palms, gently massage into the beard until foam forms. Then rinse thoroughly.

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